About Cathedral

A lot of guitar players are searching for their own sound through amplifiers, guitars and effects. However, the guitar cabinet is the most underestimated and also the only piece of gear that produces the actual sound.

Cathedral builds the cabinet that entirely meets your personal wishes in terms of look, feel and speaker (combination). WGS, Celestion, Eminence and Jensen are just a few names that Cathedral works with. The end result is a customized cabinet; the perfect symbiosis between your playing style, music genre and personal sound.


Cathedral believes in the passion of an ancient craft: the art of furniture construction. What the current market has to offer is often of too low in quality or just not really suitable for you.

That is why Dries Greeve started to build his own guitar cabinets as an experienced carpenter, architect and enthusiastic guitarist. Cathedral is the child of experience, passion and unconditional love for music.

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